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How to install and use forklift safety belts

Method for installing forklift safety belt of forklift accessories
1. Installation of waist webbing should pay attention to the two fixing points of webbing should be high on the forklift body floor, seat frame or forklift body side wall. The position of the fixing point on the floor is related to the driver's hip point on the seat. The angle between the fixed point of the waist webbing and the edge of point H and the horizontal reference of the forklift body should be 450 as much as possible. In addition, the forklift's seat belt must be firmly fixed, and the steel sheet of the seat belt must be at least 3MM thick.
2. Installation of shoulder webbing. The position range of the upper fixing point of the shoulder webbing. The distance from the fixing point to the center line of the seat shall not be less than 140mm.
3. Installation of accessories. The proper installation of accessories is one of the important conditions for determining whether the forklift safety belt can effectively function. The lateral distance between the two lower mounting accessories must not be 350mm, and the distance between the two mounting accessories from the seat centerline should be as equal as possible.
Before using the forklift safety belt, you can use the following methods to check whether the safety belt is firm and reliable.
1. Make sure that the components of the seat belt are complete, without shortage, and without damage;
2, braids without cracks, broken strands or kinks;
3. The metal parts are matched without cracks, welding defects, and severe rust;
4, the hook tongue and bite of the hook are flat and not misplaced, and the self-locking device is complete and reliable;
5. There is no obvious deviation of the lock position, and the surface is flat.
6. When the seat belt is pulled down slowly by hand, the seat belt should be able to be smoothly pulled out of the winder. When pulling the seat belt sharply, it should not move. Otherwise, the seat belt will fail. After use, press the button plug to release it.
7. Remember to reset the seat belt when getting out of the car to prevent tripping when getting on or off the car.
How to use forklift safety belt
1. Sitting on the seat, pull out the seat belt with one hand, hold the buckle with the other hand, and fasten the buckle with the buckle to ensure that the seat belt is fastened to the body.
2, adjust the tightness of the waist and seat belt position.
3. Before driving, check whether the safety belt of the forklift is firm, and ensure that the safety of the safety belt is normal before driving.

4. Unfasten the seat belt. Hold the buckle with one hand, press the "release" key with one hand, return the seat belt to the retractor, and place the buckle in the storage position