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The role of forklift capacitors

The forklift capacitor is one of the accessories of the forklift accessories electrical system. It is installed on the forklift capacitor board and is mainly used for buffering and discharging. A forklift capacitor is an electrical component that accumulates electrical charge. The amount of accumulated electrical charge is directly proportional to the voltage across it. The forklift capacitor itself does not consume electrical energy, it is the return path of the stored charge when it is discharged. Forklift capacitors can also absorb voltage changes in the circuit and use voltage storage to absorb dangerous voltage spikes. Forklift capacitors are composed of positive and negative plates and are generally connected in parallel at both ends of the circuit. The positive electrode of the forklift capacitor power supply is the positive electrode plate, and the negative electrode connected to the power supply is the negative electrode plate. The two electrode plates must be separated by an insulator (called a dielectric). Dielectrics can be made from materials such as ceramics, cellophane, and plastic.
Forklift capacitors are an overall aid to enhance forklift performance. And it helps to ensure the service life of the forklift, especially when the gasoline forklift is ignited to protect the battery. When the forklift is ignited, the instantaneous voltage through the high voltage package is very high, which is why the batteries installed on the forklift are starter batteries instead of ordinary batteries. Even so, the impact on the battery is significant. After installation, part of the instantaneous current can be provided by the capacitor.
The capacitor can also protect the battery when the forklift driver is pressing the horn. The impact on the forklift horn cannot be underestimated. Don't underestimate the horn, there will be a high current through when you ring it. If the capacitor is not forced, the transformer may even be burned.
When the forklift turns on the headlights, the forklift capacitor can also protect the battery.
The impact of forklift capacitors on forklift performance and usage is significant. Relatively speaking, capacitors used on electric forklifts are more widely used than on internal combustion forklifts. The electric control department on electric forklifts, the main computer board, the startup board and the steering board must have capacitors to assist them.