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What are the conventional accessories for electric forklifts?

The battery forklift is powered by a battery, which drives the travel motor and the hydraulic system motor to achieve driving and loading and unloading operations. The electric forklift is a loading and unloading and carrying vehicle powered by a DC power source (battery). The details of conventional accessories for electric forklift trucks are as follows:
    At present, the power source used in electric forklifts is basically a power type battery. It is mainly composed of negative (female) plates, separator plates, battery cells, electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid), battery cover, end columns and other forces to the forklift accessories. The role of lead-acid batteries is to store voltage and energy, mainly to provide electric power source driven by the entire electric forklift parts. Lead-acid batteries can be discharged and charged. It can make the forklift operate normally for a long time. It can provide sufficient power supply for electric forklifts to provide forklift operation.
The power battery of electric forklift can be divided into: 12V (6 monomers), 24V (12 monomers), 36V (18 monomers), 48V (24 monomers), 60V (30 monomers), 72V (36 monomers), 80V (40 monomers), etc.


 Electronic device

The main components of electric forklifts for electric forklifts are: forklift computer board/control board, forklift contactor assembly, forklift IGBT module, forklift IGBT control board, forklift FET module, forklift capacitor, forklift diode, forklift steering computer board, forklift steering contact , forklift fuse, forklift fuse, forklift accelerator, forklift accelerator pedal, forklift brake pedal, forklift brake switch, forklift light and signal device, forklift turn signal assembly, forklift rear taillight assembly, forklift turn signal switch, forklift flasher Forklift headlight switch, forklift horn and buzzer, forklift steering wheel assembly, forklift direction sensor, forklift steering wheel assembly, forklift hoist switch, forklift lifting lever, forklift tilt switch, forklift tilt lever, forklift Hand brake switch, forklift hand brake assembly, forklift instrument assembly, forklift gear position switch, forklift driving motor assembly, forklift hydraulic motor assembly, forklift steering motor assembly, forklift plug, forklift joint, forklift power cable, forklift signal power supply Lines and so on.
   Drive mechanism (steering, driving and hydraulic lifting):
The main component of the electric forklift drive is the series-excited current motor, which converts the electric energy of the battery of the electric forklift into mechanical torque, and drives the traveling wheel or the oil pump motor of the forklift to rotate. In the control of the motor, the direction change and speed control of the motor are performed by the speed controller. The DC motor is mainly composed of a shield, a bearing, a gland, an end cover, a curling plate brush, an armature, a casing, a rear end cover, a retaining ring, a stator, a rotor brush and a brush holder. The following are the main components of other small systems.
1. The steering part of the electric forklift is mainly composed of: steering wheel, direction machine, direction sensor, direction universal joint, direction motor assembly, direction rod, direction guide assembly, direction worm assembly, direction push rod, direction ball head , rear axle assembly, rear axle sweater sleeve, rear axle three-plate main pin, rear axle three-link plate, rear axle transverse tie rod, rear axle steering joint, rear axle steering kingpin, rear axle steering horn assembly, steering The rear wheel assembly is composed of the same.
2. The main accessories of the forklift driving system are: forklift control panel, forklift module, forklift driving contactor assembly, forklift driving capacity, forklift gear position switch, forklift accelerator assembly, forklift driving diode, forklift cable, forklift driving motor total Forklift truck drive gear, forklift bearing, forklift gear, forklift half moon gear, forklift planetary gear, forklift semi-axle, forklift cross shaft, forklift axle, forklift tire, forklift net, forklift brake pedal, forklift brake master cylinder , forklift brake cylinder, forklift brake pipe, forklift brake oil, forklift brake pad, forklift brake hub, forklift brake spring, forklift brake line, forklift tire screws, etc.
3. The main accessories for forklift hydraulic lifting are: hydraulic contactor assembly, forklift hydraulic module, forklift lifting lever, forklift lifting switch, forklift hydraulic FET module, forklift hydraulic capacitor, forklift hydraulic diode, forklift hydraulic computer board, forklift insurance Line, forklift hydraulic motor assembly, forklift hydraulic gear pump assembly, forklift hydraulic oil, forklift hydraulic fuel tank assembly, forklift hydraulic filter, forklift hydraulic hose, forklift high pressure fuel pipe, forklift hydraulic multi-way valve assembly, forklift multi-way valve electromagnetic Valve, forklift lifting cylinder assembly, forklift intermediate master cylinder assembly, forklift tilt cylinder assembly, forklift hydraulic return pipe, etc.
4, electric forklift work device, there are various attachments such as: electric forklift forks, paper roll clamps, side shifting devices, sanitation attachments, clamps, rotators, bucket clamps, stringers, hooks, cargo buckets, Bracket, working cylinder, hose roll-in and take-out device, boom, stringer, oil drum pliers, bucket, fork sleeve, boom, flat clamp, paper roll clamp, pick rod, bucket clamp, ejector, circle Wood clips, booms, carton clips, soft bag holders, side shifters, tilting forks, front forks, all self-propelled lifting forks, etc.;

5, electric forklift body parts, mainly consisting of frame, body, front frame, detachable cover, balance weight and other electric forklift accessories. Forklift frame, forklift front cover, forklift pedal, forklift mount cover, forklift seat, forklift rear cast iron part, forklift left side cover, forklift right side cover, forklift door frame assembly, forklift door frame tile, forklift door frame bearing bush Forklift door frame screw, forklift door frame bearing, forklift door frame pulley, forklift door frame inner door frame, forklift outer door frame, forklift chain, forklift chain wheel, forklift gear rack, fork wheel frame assembly, forklift fork assembly        

 And other structures are combined.

The above are the regular parts of electric forklift parts. For more information, please feel free to contact us.