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  • LED red light line forklift light blue safety operation warning lamp 10v-80v
LED red light line forklift light blue safety operation warning lamp 10v-80v

LED red light line forklift light blue safety operation warning lamp 10v-80v

  • Product Item : 310100
  • Category: LED lights
  • Material: aluminum alloy, aluminum bracket, stainless steel screw, PC mask
  • Voltage: 10-80 (V)
  • Light source power: 6 (W)
  • Product description:LED red light word line forklift light blue area peripheral safety operation warning line reversing indicator
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LED red light, blue area light

Product parameters:
Color: red / blue (can be customized green)
LED lamp beads: high power German Osram LED
Power: 6W

Working voltage: DC 10-80V
Current output: 12V@0.48A
Operating temperature: -45 ° C to +85 ° C
Life expectancy: more than 50,000 hours
Dimensions: 70*70*105mm

Material: aluminum alloy case / PC mask / aluminum bracket / stainless steel screw
Weight: 0.3KG
Waterproof rating: IP67
Certification: CE certification / ROHS certification / E-mark certification

Warranty 1 year
Applications: Construction vehicles (stackers, cranes, lifts, etc.) forklifts, storage equipment, industrial and mining vehicles, etc.;

Product Usage:
This high-brightness safety warning light can be installed in the front and rear of the vehicle or in any industrial equipment where it needs to be alerted. It can alert pedestrians and other vehicles to safety when the forklift or other vehicle moves. It is recommended that the lights on the forklift work site be illuminated at a distance of 2 to 3 meters to ensure that there is sufficient reaction time for oncoming vehicles or pedestrians.

product advantages:
◆ New anti-jamming device can prevent the interference of LED lights on the control part of the forklift and the computer controller of engineering equipment;
◆ Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof; super high brightness, common indoor and outdoor, safety protection, to prevent accidents;
◆ The light is pure red/pure blue, the light is clear and bright, soft and not glare; on the floor to help remind pedestrians, loaders, vans and other industrial vehicles not to get close to the forklift;

◆ With reverse connection protection function, the red line is connected positively, the black line is connected negatively; the reverse connection protection is reversed and not burned;
◆ High-low temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant double-layer insulated enameled wire, suitable for all-weather use;